5 Tips for Hiring the Perfect Company for Your Home

We get asked all the time for safe quality references. We thought we'd take a moment to empower you and share some tips for finding the perfect handyman, technician, housecleaner, roofer or any other vendor. Regardless of the industry, if you are hiring a company to come into your home, play it safe. Make sure they have all 5 of our requirements!

1. General Liability Insurance

  • Covers you and your home if a technician unintentionally breaks or damages your property. 

2. Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Covers the technicians so that if an accident happens on your property, they will have no reason to look to you for repayment. 

3. Annual 3rd Party Background Checks

  • Regularly verifies that the technicians are honorable, trustworthy and - most importantly - safe.
  • 3rd party vetting means the company is not doing their own checks. They are certified by an official background check company like Ask the Seal.

4. Thorough Meticulous Training

  • Confirms the technicians will perform as efficiently and effectively as the company rep or manager said they would. Look for owner or operations manager involvement in the training. 

5. Ownership + Pride of Work

  • Guarantees excellent results. You want a company that prides itself on their reputation.
  • If something is not to your expectations, you want a company that will hastily and eagerly take those extra steps to make sure you love their work. 

We hope this is helpful as you look for the perfect companies to improve your place! Give us a ring if you need recommendations or have further questions. We are here for you!

5 Year Spot-Free Warranty!


At Puretec we love leaving your home looking spic and span! Roof cleanings are our favorite. Softwash any roof and it will look brand new.  It's so easy! We stand by our service and provide a 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty for all full roof cleanings! Your roof can be made up of shingles, asphalt, cement, tile, etc. If Puretec cleans your roof, you are covered! 

Spring Has Sprung Customized Packages!


We are now offering customized cleaning packages! Combine multiple services to receive a discount on your home or building maintenance. Refresh, maintain and protect your place with one appointment. Offering pressure and soft washing services, window cleaning, screen repair and replacement, rain gutter cleaning and solar panel cleaning, 

Feeling overwhelmed and busy? Make it easy. Simply give our team a quick call and we will have you scheduled in a jiffy! Treat yourself and your home well.

At Puretec we truly love your place!

Prepping to Sell


Prepping your home for the market? Our services can refresh and brighten your property quickly! Increase your curb appeal and value with one visit from us!


1. SoftWash your surfaces! Your siding, stucco, rain gutters, driveways, walkways and pavers should be cleaned. Remove the dirt and growth easily with this low pressure treatment. 

2. SoftWash your roof! Killing the bacteria and removing the buildup can restore a roof and even prevent the extra cost of replacement before it's truly necessary. 

3. Clean your glass. All windows and mirrors should be cleaned as close to any walk through or viewing of your home. 


+ Brighter windows allow sunshine to light up every room. Clean mirrors make rooms look sharp and feel fresh.

+ A clean and protected roof provides buyers with long-term security and value.

+ Refreshing siding, stucco, rain gutters, driveways, walkways and pavers can often make a home look newly painted without the extra cost of actually repainting. 

With one team, we can make your place look fresh, clean and move-in ready for any potential buyer! Click here for even more advice! best of luck!

Rainy Day


It's raining and we are loving it! Hear that, Drought? Be gone! 

We are still booking many of you, because you know about our Rain Guarantee. Say what? That's right, every window cleaning service we provide comes with a complimentary 5 Day Rain Guarantee! 

So don't let the clouds bring you down! Book with confidence. We've got your place covered, because well... we LOVE your place!