We get asked all the time for safe quality references. We thought we'd take a moment to empower you and share some tips for finding the perfect handyman, technician, housecleaner, roofer or any other vendor. Regardless of the industry, if you are hiring a company to come into your home, play it safe. Make sure they have all 5 of our requirements!

1. General Liability Insurance

  • Covers you and your home if a technician unintentionally breaks or damages your property. 

2. Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Covers the technicians so that if an accident happens on your property, they will have no reason to look to you for repayment. 

3. Annual 3rd Party Background Checks

  • Regularly verifies that the technicians are honorable, trustworthy and - most importantly - safe.
  • 3rd party vetting means the company is not doing their own checks. They are certified by an official background check company like Ask the Seal.

4. Thorough Meticulous Training

  • Confirms the technicians will perform as efficiently and effectively as the company rep or manager said they would. Look for owner or operations manager involvement in the training. 

5. Ownership + Pride of Work

  • Guarantees excellent results. You want a company that prides itself on their reputation.
  • If something is not to your expectations, you want a company that will hastily and eagerly take those extra steps to make sure you love their work. 

We hope this is helpful as you look for the perfect companies to improve your place! Give us a ring if you need recommendations or have further questions. We are here for you!