We are proud to finally offer you a surface treatment and cleaning system that provides the dramatic results your California home needs! We searched high and low for a system that eliminated the water waste, disruptive noise, surface damage, and high fossil fuel use of pressure washing.

Welcome Puretec SoftWash! Utilizing powerful 100% biodegradable non-hazardous chemicals, Puretec SoftWash will give you dramatic results without compromising your water bill or your health. With a 99.9% success rate over mold, fungus, algae, bacteria and moss, this treatment will last up to 6x longer than the standard pressure wash! 


  • Exclusive SoftWash Systems 100% biodegradable solution

  • Safe and gentle low-pressure treatment at 40 psi compared to 4000 with a pressure washer!

  • Sanitation of treated surface—removal of mold, algae, mildew, diseases and allergens

  • Longer lasting results, because surfaces are not rinsed, leaving behind a residual algaecide that maintains results 2-3x longer than a standard pressure washing or other low-pressure solutions

  • Protection of plants and property with thorough rinsing during the SoftWash treatment

  • A free 5 Year Spot-Free Limited Warranty, when a full Puretec SoftWash Roof Treatment is purchased

Thinking about a new roof?

If your roofing appears old or in need of replacement, consider this new Puretec SoftWash treatment before making the hefty investment of a brand new roof. Most often what you are actually seeing is a bacterial infestation, commonly known as Gloecapsa Magma. This bacteria will spread and darken your roof's surface, creating a worn and tarnished appearance. Eventually this bacteria will spread, drip and run along the side of your building, creating further damage and growth that can enter your home. 

Let us protect you and your property. Treat your roof to a full Puretec SoftWash and receive our guaranteed 5 Year Spot-Free Warranty. One visit from us and this bacteria will be safely, effectively, and permanently removed 


Many coastal or older homes can look faded, worn or dingy. You may be considering repainting or resurfacing, but before you do consider Puretec SoftWash. Just as your car's paint job looks drab and dull if it isn't properly washed and protected, so too does your home's exterior. 

This specialty service can revive your home's appearance and make it look as good as new. Paint colors sharpen, cement looks recently poured, garage doors glow and roofs are bacteria-free and protected.

Increase your home's value with this treatment today, let us breathe life and health back into your home!


Home siding, awnings, decks, patio covers, fences, and hardscape (concrete, pavers, stone walkways, etc). Feel free to contact us regarding any surface you wish to have treated and cleaned. 


Take advantage of our free health assessment and Puretec SoftWash demo! One of our certified technicians will walk through your property with you and help you determine your home's needs. If a Puretec SoftWash treatment is necessary, you will witness its effectiveness through a quick and clear demo. We will be forthright and honest with you. Your health and well being is our top priority! 


Contact us for your Free Demo and Custom Quote today! 


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